Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Botak Jones Revisited

This the second time heading down to Botak Jones for sausages for this blog. You can see the other review here.

botak jones swanky franky
Swanky Franky set from Botak Jones Clementi at $10.

Let's just say that this didn't go well into my stomach. I felt queasy and a bit of heartburn after the meal. Someone, who had a Botak Burger, came down with food poisoning the next day. I guess this spells the end of my Botak Jones escapades.

The meal itself when eating wasn't too bad. Swanky Franky was a chicken frank wrapped with two slices of bacon and two slices of cheddar melted over it. Of course, there was to be onions but I didn't want it as usual. haha~ It came with the usual fries and coleslaw. It wasn't anything special. I didn't know what I was expecting when I decided to have that, but it turned out to be nothing more than the usual chicken frank just with the aditional toppings. The bacon was badly done somemore. It was grilled but not thoroughly grill, not charred nor crispy, but very fatty.

And with the sickly feeling in the stomach after that, well, guess that's it for Botak Jones. Granted, my usual trips to the Ang Mo Kio branch hadn't made me sick before, so don't know if this is just a one time off thingie.

Friday, October 26, 2007


In celebration of my sister's birthday, we went to Swenson's for dinner.
Because of this blog, I decided upon the chicken frank and giving a pass in trying the new stuff Swenson's had in their new menu.

From top left to bottom right,
Appetisers: Fried Mushrooms, Fried Cheese Sticks
Mains: Sister's Salmon and Mushroom Spaghetti, Daddie's BBQ Chicken, Joan's Chicken Frank, Mother's Fish and Chips, Someone's Chicken and Mushroom Spaghetti
Ice Cream: two Topless Fives, flavours include Lime Sorbet, Mint, Sticky Chewy Chocolate, Mango, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate, Coffee

Because this is essentially a Sausage Blog, I shall not talk about the other food except for my huge Chicken Frank.
swensons chicken frank
Chicken Frank, $12.50 + 10% service charge + 7% GST, served with criss cut fries and coleslaw.

Chicken Franks are the most normal foodstuff about in American eateries, so what makes one chicken frank more outstanding than the other? Other than in terms of individual taste, you can't really go wrong about it, Swenson's made use of toppings of the chicken frank to differentiate their chicken franks. This chicken frank came topped with parmesan cheese, honey mustard, shaved ham and tomato bits. The toasted buns were also buttered. It also came with onions, but I requested for mine to come sans onions.

In all, this differentiation in the chicken frank really impressed me. And for its price, it's still quite value for money.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Hotbake Machine

hotbake machine
All Day Breakfast Sandwich, a sandwich which included an omelette with hotdogs, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes, from a Hotbake Machine at NUS Central Library. It's $2.50, but if you take the combo of two different sandwiches, it's $4 for both.

Ever since these sandwich vending machines sprouting out, touting to have freshly toasted sandwiches all day, I've been a fan. Well, at least for the few varieties which I like. Sadly, this All Day Breakfast Sandwich is quite a disappointment. The sandwich itself isn't too bad, it's just that the picture show above and the actual sandwich turned out to be way lot different.

The real one looked like this...
all day breakfast sandwich

I was disappointed with the hotdogs. The picture showed full long hotdogs on top of the omelette, but in reality, the hotdog was in bits and was in the omelette itself. Nonetheless, I still recommend Hotbake for their vending sandwiches, but another variety instead. One of my favourite's Hotdog Melt, I'll put it up if it's being offered.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hotdog Earrings

hot dog earrings
I found a pair of hotdog earring in my bathroom!

I think me and my sister bought them collectively some time ago at some fair thingie, we also bought a pair of some other food stuff, but I don't know where they are now.

Anyway, I took them out to photograph them and wanted to share them in my blog, and possibly also to model the earrings and see how a hotdog would look like on my ear. And then, after I got them out of the little plastic bag thingie holding them, they fell apart. The studs came unglued from the hotdog bit, and now I have two studs with nothing on them, and two little figurines of hotdogs. Thank you very much...

And I can't wear them anymore... Unless I somehow manage to find some strong glue to glue them back. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Eating Sausages Is Good For You

Being fat is good for you

Health experts continue to bang on about obesity being bad for you, but clearly they haven't spoken to the German man who survived falling from a balcony by landing on his belly.

Gerhard Steiner, 27, was heartily munching on a sausage on his hotel balcolmny in Bayreuth when he lost his balance and toppled over the edge.

Mr Steiner fell more than twenty feet before crashing on to the ground, his fall broken by his ample girth.

Rather than dying like an ordinary mortal, Mr Steiner emerged with just a bruised rib and doctors said his fat has saved him.

So just remember that when you are considering whether to have another deep-fried Mars bar.


On the same tone, ever since I've started this blog, I see myself eating more and more sausages and geting fatter and fatter. Granted, I'm not obese, thank god, but I've still been gaining weight and rims around my tummy. That's why, I've been on detox and haven't been posting new blog entries lately. I've been trying to cut down on my food intake. But reading this article now, I'm starting to think otherwise. haha~ Maybe being fat isn't a bad thing after all.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Paulaner Brauhaus

A couple of us arranged for a Sunday German Brunch at Paulaner Brauhaus, and it so happened that the date we decided upon fell on the Oktoberfest celebrations. It was a pity I'm still nursing the wound and had to not take up the free flow beer option. It's the Oktoberfest Bier! grr... But we still had a great time anyway, eating, pigging, and camwhoring.

paulaner oktoberfest brunch
For the first round I had sashimi, sausage salad, cold cut platter as appetisers.
Second round was the meats round with pork schnitzel with asparagus, pan fried dory with shrimps, crispy pork knuckle, and the sausage platter.
Third round was a round up of stuff with extra helpings of sashimi and schnitzel, cheese, tomatoes, chicken and duck.
Fourth round was desserts and I only had a slice of chocolate cake and chocolate mousse.
Buffet priced at $35+10%+7% but my friend had Amex card (HSBC also included in the promotion) so there was 15% off. For free flow beer it's $10 more.

paulaner brunch sausage platter
Just look at the glorious sausages with a huge glop of mustard. There were like three types of grilled sausages in that platter.

Because it was Oktoberfest, there were these decorations all over.
paulaner oktoberfest decorations

A more detailed write up of my round up of this outing on the whole is here at my main blog. There's heaps more pictures there.
But if you still find the pictures there are not enough, there's my subsidary flickr account.

Really want to go back to Paulaner for brunch again when I'm better to have the beer, and to try out the other stuff which I haven't got to try out. And also to have more pork knuckles and sausages. And also...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Do you have a dirty mind?

Saw this Do you have a dirty mind? from I.Z. Reloaded

a dirty mind
Little Miss Ketchup giving Little Mr Hotdog a licking good blowjob!

Sort of reminds me of the phallic description I gave to Chippy's cheese sausage in mash potato the other time. Actually, there are still many more dirty jokes about the hotdog, and it's not even the phallic ones, but I'll leave that for another day, if and when I have a great picture to share. erm...

Okay, think this sort of answers the title question.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


When Pigs Fly, spaghetti with bratwurst, and Bratwurst Jamboree, pizza with bratwurst, from n.y.d.c., the Wheelock branch. I forgot the price. erm... Ya, I didn't know how could I but...

It's still a pork diet for me, and I remembered the bratwurst pizza from n.y.d.c was good, we headed there for dinner, and to complete the bratwurst dinner, my friend had the spaghetti and we shared our food. Yay, more food~

But this meal wasn't as spectacular as I hoped it to be. The spaghetti was forgettable, the noddles were soft and too thin, not like al dente spaghetti, I don't even know if it's spaghetti, it looks more like soggy fattened up angelhair pasta. The bratwurst was also too thinly sliced up which didn't pack in a bite. The pizza was better than the spaghetti, but the bratwurst too was too thinly sliced, nothing like what I had at Suntec City before. In all, it was quite a disappointment, but I still like this pizza. It was very cheesy and very garlicky creamy.

After desserts, I was actually quite full but my friend was still unsatisfied which was quite weird because I'm usually the bigger eater, and I ate lesser that night because I was eating slowly. Weird...

Monday, October 8, 2007


Over the midterm break, I went for a barbeque, but because I was still nursing the wound, I couldn't eat chicken, and that means effectively all the barbeque stuff. Luckily, dearest Someone prepared some porky stuff for me to barbeque.

barbeque pork chipolatas
Pork Chipolatas, caterpillar cut, looking absolutely glorious.

The first night of the barbeque we had his friends over, but thankfully, the halal friends were a no show in the end, so my porkies were about the share the barbeque grill among with the others. There wasn't a need for the halal friends to be full before I can eat. I was actually getting pretty hungry already.

Barbeque chipolatas taste better than grilled in the toaster oven! Think it's because of all the soot and the grease and the atmosphere of eating with many people. The only grouse was that only one type of sausage was bought, at my fouth chipolata I was feeling the diminishing returns. It would have been better if there were a bit more variety. hmm... Joan's not being indulgent that night. haha~

barbeque cheese pork hotdogs
Cheese Pork Hotdogs, with cheese oozing out, absolutely tantalising.

On the second night, after the friends left, we had a greater leeway do do up our little barbeque. I picked up some cheese pork hotdogs and some hot dog buns.
1: Hotdogs, skewers, buns.
2: Hotdogs skewered.
3: Hotdogs on the barbeque.
4: Blistering hotdogs, slowly being charred.
5: Hotdog with buns, can you see the cheese oozing out?
6: A bite off the hotdog bun, look at the cheese~
7: Spiltted hotdogs with cheese oozing out.
8: A hotdog on its own, look at the charred marks~
9: Bitten by me, look at the cheese~

I had two hotdog with buns, and two without. And I really liked the charred parts on the hotdog, it was cripsy and sooty. The cheese inside a pity wasn't as soft and smooth as I'd have liked it to be. I think it's because I couldn't reach that high a heat for the cheese within the hotdog to be totally molten as the outsides charred. The fire we were using has been started for quite some time as Someone's mother was using it to barbeque before we took it over.

Still it was a wonderful barbeque experience. I've always liked barbequing~ I can't wait to get well soon and barbeque again. This time I want to eat all the things I couldn't eat earlier on.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Joan Cooked Sausages 3

I call this a cheesy bratwurst sandwich.

joan cooked sausages 3
Just follow the instructions to replicate this delicious cheesy sausage sandwich.

Step 1: Caterpillar cut the sausage.
I wanted to grill it in the little toaster oven so to thoroughly cook it, it's better to caterpillar cut it so that the insides of the sausage can be cooked too.

Step 2: Add more sausages.
Why settle for one when you can have two? Why settle for less when you can have more? haha~ Joan the over indulgent girl speaks out again. Well, actually, no I didn't have both sausages for myself.

Step 3: Add sliced mozzerella on top.
Slice a block of mozzerella and place them on top of the sausages. Ever since I discovered mozzerella came in blocks, I never looked back at the shredded ones anymore. Shredded ones are more air than cheese!

Step 4: Add cheddar.
I mean, who can resist having more cheese? I know I can't...

Step 5: Grill it!
Put them in the toaster oven and grill it for about 10-15min. I can't tell the exact time, but by agaration, can tell when it's cooked one la.

Step 6: Serve with sandwich bread and lettuce.
Just look at the glorious melted cheese... ooh~ But then, confession to be made, sandwich for sausages is not the most delicious thing. A hot dog bun, or better still my favourite kaiser rolls are better. And lettuce doesn't really go well with sausages, I don't know why either. Maybe it just goes better with greasy stuff.

But the sausage with the cheese was really good~ I need to buy more mozzerella blocks now!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Joan Cooked Sausages 2

As I had promised in Joan Cooked Sausages 1, there's a Joan Cooked Sausages 2! This is my Joanian creation called Baked Potato Mix. A very original recipe for baked potatos, with tomatoes, sausages and lots of mozzerella cheese.

joan cooked sausages 2
How to make a yummy and well balanced yet easy to cook meal, just follow the easy cooking of Joan! Really, Joan makes cooking very easy~

Step 1: Buy the sausages.
Bratwurst sausages my parents bought for me because I can only eat pork because my wound. They bought 6 sausages, but obviously we won't be using that many.

Step 2: Open the packaging.
Erm, because we can't eat plastic bags? -_-" I just took this picture so that you can see the 6 thick and fat and juicy porky sausages.

Step 3: Pick out the number of sausages you want to use.
Two will be enough. Oh, this feeds two people, so don't you think that I ate all that myself. I know I'm a pig, but I'm not this indulgent.

Step 4: Wash them, slice them, dry them.
I wash them only because my mother makes me wash them, if cooking for myself I won't wash them, so geh gang. I sliced them circular this time because I had sliced them oval the last time, I have variations~ Drying them so that they won't spit.

Step 5: Grill them lightly in a little toaster oven.
Of course you can bake them or fry them or grill them, but to me toss them in the little multipurpose toaster oven is the easiest and fastest way to cook them thoroughly. haha~ Didn't I say that this is cooking made easy?

Step 6: Prepare the baking pan.
I always use aluminium foil over the baking pan because after that I don't have to wash the baking pan until so jialat. haha~ I'm lazy. Yup, butter it so the sides won't stick.

Step 7: Throw all the ingredients you want it.
I said it's a baked potato mix, but effectively you can bake whatever you want. My balanced diet just happens to consist of potatoes, tomatoes and sausages, one from each food group. I pan fried the sliced potatoes a bit first so I don't have to bake it for too long. I used cherry tomatoes, so I halved them first. And the sausages, the most important ingredient from the previous steps.

Step 8: Throw in the mozzerella cheese liberally.
Use sliced mozzerella instead of the shaved ones because the shaved ones contain more air than cheese. Just cover the whole pot with lots and lots of cheese.

Step 9: Bake it!
I baked it at about 200° for I don't know how long. Just bake it until the cheese is all melted and slightly browned then can remove it~

And then, tadah~
baked potato mix
and it's ready to be served!

Okay, personally I think that I hadn't put enough cheese, and there's better to have a layer of parmesan in between the whole chunk of ingredients.

But it was still a very yummy yummy eat anyway.
I mean, just look at this...
baked potato mix with sausages and tomatoes
Look at the cheesy sausage, then look at the cheesy sausage with potato, then look at the cheesy sausage with potato with tomato...