Monday, October 8, 2007


Over the midterm break, I went for a barbeque, but because I was still nursing the wound, I couldn't eat chicken, and that means effectively all the barbeque stuff. Luckily, dearest Someone prepared some porky stuff for me to barbeque.

barbeque pork chipolatas
Pork Chipolatas, caterpillar cut, looking absolutely glorious.

The first night of the barbeque we had his friends over, but thankfully, the halal friends were a no show in the end, so my porkies were about the share the barbeque grill among with the others. There wasn't a need for the halal friends to be full before I can eat. I was actually getting pretty hungry already.

Barbeque chipolatas taste better than grilled in the toaster oven! Think it's because of all the soot and the grease and the atmosphere of eating with many people. The only grouse was that only one type of sausage was bought, at my fouth chipolata I was feeling the diminishing returns. It would have been better if there were a bit more variety. hmm... Joan's not being indulgent that night. haha~

barbeque cheese pork hotdogs
Cheese Pork Hotdogs, with cheese oozing out, absolutely tantalising.

On the second night, after the friends left, we had a greater leeway do do up our little barbeque. I picked up some cheese pork hotdogs and some hot dog buns.
1: Hotdogs, skewers, buns.
2: Hotdogs skewered.
3: Hotdogs on the barbeque.
4: Blistering hotdogs, slowly being charred.
5: Hotdog with buns, can you see the cheese oozing out?
6: A bite off the hotdog bun, look at the cheese~
7: Spiltted hotdogs with cheese oozing out.
8: A hotdog on its own, look at the charred marks~
9: Bitten by me, look at the cheese~

I had two hotdog with buns, and two without. And I really liked the charred parts on the hotdog, it was cripsy and sooty. The cheese inside a pity wasn't as soft and smooth as I'd have liked it to be. I think it's because I couldn't reach that high a heat for the cheese within the hotdog to be totally molten as the outsides charred. The fire we were using has been started for quite some time as Someone's mother was using it to barbeque before we took it over.

Still it was a wonderful barbeque experience. I've always liked barbequing~ I can't wait to get well soon and barbeque again. This time I want to eat all the things I couldn't eat earlier on.

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