Thursday, October 11, 2007

Paulaner Brauhaus

A couple of us arranged for a Sunday German Brunch at Paulaner Brauhaus, and it so happened that the date we decided upon fell on the Oktoberfest celebrations. It was a pity I'm still nursing the wound and had to not take up the free flow beer option. It's the Oktoberfest Bier! grr... But we still had a great time anyway, eating, pigging, and camwhoring.

paulaner oktoberfest brunch
For the first round I had sashimi, sausage salad, cold cut platter as appetisers.
Second round was the meats round with pork schnitzel with asparagus, pan fried dory with shrimps, crispy pork knuckle, and the sausage platter.
Third round was a round up of stuff with extra helpings of sashimi and schnitzel, cheese, tomatoes, chicken and duck.
Fourth round was desserts and I only had a slice of chocolate cake and chocolate mousse.
Buffet priced at $35+10%+7% but my friend had Amex card (HSBC also included in the promotion) so there was 15% off. For free flow beer it's $10 more.

paulaner brunch sausage platter
Just look at the glorious sausages with a huge glop of mustard. There were like three types of grilled sausages in that platter.

Because it was Oktoberfest, there were these decorations all over.
paulaner oktoberfest decorations

A more detailed write up of my round up of this outing on the whole is here at my main blog. There's heaps more pictures there.
But if you still find the pictures there are not enough, there's my subsidary flickr account.

Really want to go back to Paulaner for brunch again when I'm better to have the beer, and to try out the other stuff which I haven't got to try out. And also to have more pork knuckles and sausages. And also...

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