Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Botak Jones

botak jones
Smoked Turkey Hotdog set at $10 and a Jumbo Chicken Hotdog with Cheese set at $7.50 from Botak Jones the Ang Mo Kio Branch.

The crux of going to Botak Jones is always to visit at 4pm, and that's what I've always been doing, and that's the best time to enjoy the food because there's no one around to squeeze with you and the orders won't take forever to arrive, and wait staff are generally a lot friendlier.

I had the Jumbo Chicken Hotdog before, but haven't had it with cheese. Trying it out with cheese, I think perhaps plain one might be better. The cheese is too cheddary which doesn't taste that good with mustard, so a bit of a conflict there, but without the mustard, it's somewhat better though the over pungent cheddary taste is still there. I decided on the Smoked Turkey Hotdog because it's new, and I never had that before, and the whole point about this blog is to share new stuff. I think this might also be the first time I had turkey sausage in Singapore. The turkey one was a bit too smoked, I thought it tasted a bit sweet, but my friend who shared the dish with me (did you think I ate two hotdog sets myself???) thought it tasted too salty.

The redeeming point is that the hotdogs are huge, like long~ The turkey one was 9 inches long, the chicken one was a bit shorter but it was much fatter, so it evens up a bit. In all, unless you like really smoked stuff, or turkey, I think I'll be back for the chicken one, and something else I haven't tried before yet.

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