Tuesday, October 9, 2007


When Pigs Fly, spaghetti with bratwurst, and Bratwurst Jamboree, pizza with bratwurst, from n.y.d.c., the Wheelock branch. I forgot the price. erm... Ya, I didn't know how could I but...

It's still a pork diet for me, and I remembered the bratwurst pizza from n.y.d.c was good, we headed there for dinner, and to complete the bratwurst dinner, my friend had the spaghetti and we shared our food. Yay, more food~

But this meal wasn't as spectacular as I hoped it to be. The spaghetti was forgettable, the noddles were soft and too thin, not like al dente spaghetti, I don't even know if it's spaghetti, it looks more like soggy fattened up angelhair pasta. The bratwurst was also too thinly sliced up which didn't pack in a bite. The pizza was better than the spaghetti, but the bratwurst too was too thinly sliced, nothing like what I had at Suntec City before. In all, it was quite a disappointment, but I still like this pizza. It was very cheesy and very garlicky creamy.

After desserts, I was actually quite full but my friend was still unsatisfied which was quite weird because I'm usually the bigger eater, and I ate lesser that night because I was eating slowly. Weird...

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