Thursday, October 4, 2007

Joan Cooked Sausages 3

I call this a cheesy bratwurst sandwich.

joan cooked sausages 3
Just follow the instructions to replicate this delicious cheesy sausage sandwich.

Step 1: Caterpillar cut the sausage.
I wanted to grill it in the little toaster oven so to thoroughly cook it, it's better to caterpillar cut it so that the insides of the sausage can be cooked too.

Step 2: Add more sausages.
Why settle for one when you can have two? Why settle for less when you can have more? haha~ Joan the over indulgent girl speaks out again. Well, actually, no I didn't have both sausages for myself.

Step 3: Add sliced mozzerella on top.
Slice a block of mozzerella and place them on top of the sausages. Ever since I discovered mozzerella came in blocks, I never looked back at the shredded ones anymore. Shredded ones are more air than cheese!

Step 4: Add cheddar.
I mean, who can resist having more cheese? I know I can't...

Step 5: Grill it!
Put them in the toaster oven and grill it for about 10-15min. I can't tell the exact time, but by agaration, can tell when it's cooked one la.

Step 6: Serve with sandwich bread and lettuce.
Just look at the glorious melted cheese... ooh~ But then, confession to be made, sandwich for sausages is not the most delicious thing. A hot dog bun, or better still my favourite kaiser rolls are better. And lettuce doesn't really go well with sausages, I don't know why either. Maybe it just goes better with greasy stuff.

But the sausage with the cheese was really good~ I need to buy more mozzerella blocks now!

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