Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Movies and Hotdogs at Cathay

cathay cineplex
Jumbo Hotdog Combo with coke from the Cathay cineplexes, $7. A Jumbo Hotdog alone costs $4.80.

Other than hotdogs, I love to watch movies. And one of the best part about going to watch a film, is to eat hotdogs. So much so that I plan my movie trips when I have cravings and where the hotdogs are good. I prefer the hotdogs from Cathay as compared to the other cinemas. Cathay's hotdogs have a smaller piece of bread, or a larger piece of hotdog whichever way you want to look at things. I don't like bread that much and I love my hotdogs, so this is the hotdog for me.

But what I like most is the melted cheese on top of the hotdog. Doesn't it look just so inviting? I was eating it and almost gagging as I watched the comedy Wo ist Fred.

I'll see when I trot down to other cinemas and do a corresponding review on the hotdogs there, but it won't be that soon. Exams are coming, and Joan is stuck at home studying and eating potato chips for breakfast lunch and dinner, so apologies ahead in the coming weeks when posts become rather scarce. Jiayou to all having exams!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Taiwan Shihlin Street Snacks

Taiwan Shihlin Street Snacks
Sausage Cheese Egg Crepe, $3.20 from the outlet at The Cathay.

I was feeling a bit mouth itchy, and I had time to waste while waiting for my friends to arrive. Sitting at the basement where all the food are, and remembering that I had this blog to maintain, I decided to grab a little bite at Shihlin. This little bite didn't come in cheap. The portion was a little small, but I needn't that much, just that the price tag was a bit unjustified.

My previous visits to Shihlin all ended up in disappointments because the food just too spicy. I even tried to had them go easy on the spice, but it was still too spicy. It's quite a pity because I thought that the food was good despite not being able to tahan the spice. Well, this crepe being a non-spicy item was something I pretty much enjoyed. Yes, it was good~

There were enough sausages and cheese, and the crepe was fragrant with the scent of fried eggs. The sauce added a bit flavour to the entire package. Just that there was some weird vegetables which I don't know what it is inside the crepe. The flavour was not overpowering but it did added crunch to the crepe. The only gripe, the corriander. I hate corrianders. Even by removing it from the crepe, that piece of crepe which housed the corriander still reeked of corriander taste.

In all, it's not bad. But I'll only get it again when I'm feeling a bit rich. haha~

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hotbake Again

Remember the Hotbake Machine? I promised to review it again, when there's the Hotdog Melt featured. Presenting, Outback BBQ Hotdog Melt...

hotbake again
Outback BBQ Hotdog Melt, a sandwich consisting of hotdogs, cheese, BBQ sauce and pineapple bits, $2 only. The one at the right bottom is a Pepperoni Melt which also included a bit of hotdog slices, $2.50 if you buy it separately but $4 for both sandwiches.

There's a ton more hotdog slices in this sandwich as compared to the one I featured earlier, but I think there has been a slide in quality of sandwiches since last semester. The sandwiches now have lesser filling, and the fillings are concentrated too much in the centre. The sides are just plain bread, which gets a bit frustrating because I want to eat the sandwiches for the fillings and not for the bread.

On the whole, discounting the fact that there's too much bread, this is one yummy filling for a sandwich. The sauce is tangy enough and the meat is good, I mean, you can't go wrong with sausages, right? There's quite a lot of fillings in the centre of the sandwich, so with each bite, there's a meaty punch in there.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Food For Thought

food for thought
Big Breakfast ($10.90, no extra charges for taxes) from the All Day Breakfast menu from Food For Thought. Big Breakfast includes toast and butter, eggs, snail sausage and salad. My friends had the bratwurst and spicy sausage sandwich.

Food for Thought is this quaint little cafe somewhere near the National Library. I really like its ambience and the decor, and I thought that that mission is really cool. Do check out their website!

Foodwise, I like the concept of their sandwich sets, and the variety of sandwiches, and quality of it is really great. The sad thing is that other than sandwiches there's really nothing much left to choose. The soups they claimed are supposed to be very healthy, with no cream added to the mushroom soup, but somehow, maybe it's just me, I would prefer something unhealthy, something with cream. haha~ But I enjoyed the salad quite a good deal depsite me not being a salad person. The dressing was tasty and the vegetables were fresh.

More importantly is the sausage. I had the snail sausage with my breakfast set and my god was it good. There was the smokey taste of a smoked sausage, but it was nicely grilled that the insides were juicy. When the sausage was unravelled from its snail shape, it was really long. The breakfast set is very value for money as it is extremely filling. But the fillings might be due to the four pieces of toast which I thought was way way too much. Maybe two pieces would have been more than enough.

According to my friends, the sausage sandwich was just as good and get the set to share, it'll be much cheaper. I'd like to go back there and try the sandwiches the next time.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Surprised to see the name of the famous Japanese buffet restaurant on a sausage blog like mine? Introducing the sausages of Ikoi...

Grilled Cocktail Bacon Rolls, included in the buffet spread. Total cost of buffet $35, but well, you get unlimited amounts of sashimi, grilled stuff, tempura, sushi, and lots more other Japanese food.

This cocktail rolls are one of the best I've had, it was grilled to perfection. The sausage oozed out nice yummy bacon fats juices but was also crisp and crunchy, mixed together sausage and bacon was heavenly. Even my friends loved it so much that we ordered many seconds of this. The only thing that I ordered more was the salmon sashimi. haha~

There's also the seafood roll, which is a crabstick wrapped with bacon. It's not as nice as the cocktail roll. I was popping the whole thing into my mouth to absord the most out of the bacon and the sausage. Other must try items from Ikoi would be the sashimi and the other grilled stuff, especially the grilled salmon.

For the $35 price tag, we ate till we were so stuff, and it was sure worth the price. Extremely value for money.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

McDonald's Pseudo-Sausage

mcdonald's sausage
McDonald's Sausage, seen here alone and in a Sausage Egg McMuffin.

Ever since I set up this blog, my sister has been bugging me to feature McDonald's sausage, but I never thought their sausage is considered sausage even though they named it as sausage. So even though I eat it regularly, this is my first time featuring it.

The sausage is featured in the Big Breakfast, Hotcakes with Sausage, Sausage McMuffin, and the Sausage McMuffin with Egg. I usually have the Big Breakfast when I have McDonald's breakfast, but occasionally when I'm cravvy for cheese, I'll go for the Sausage Egg McMuffin. Once in a while when I have cravings for pancakes, then it'd be the Hotcakes with Sausage. In a way, yes, I love McDonald's sausages even though I don't think it can really be called a sausage.

Anyway, I like to eat can already. haha~