Monday, October 22, 2007

Hotbake Machine

hotbake machine
All Day Breakfast Sandwich, a sandwich which included an omelette with hotdogs, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes, from a Hotbake Machine at NUS Central Library. It's $2.50, but if you take the combo of two different sandwiches, it's $4 for both.

Ever since these sandwich vending machines sprouting out, touting to have freshly toasted sandwiches all day, I've been a fan. Well, at least for the few varieties which I like. Sadly, this All Day Breakfast Sandwich is quite a disappointment. The sandwich itself isn't too bad, it's just that the picture show above and the actual sandwich turned out to be way lot different.

The real one looked like this...
all day breakfast sandwich

I was disappointed with the hotdogs. The picture showed full long hotdogs on top of the omelette, but in reality, the hotdog was in bits and was in the omelette itself. Nonetheless, I still recommend Hotbake for their vending sandwiches, but another variety instead. One of my favourite's Hotdog Melt, I'll put it up if it's being offered.

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