Thursday, November 8, 2007

McDonald's Pseudo-Sausage

mcdonald's sausage
McDonald's Sausage, seen here alone and in a Sausage Egg McMuffin.

Ever since I set up this blog, my sister has been bugging me to feature McDonald's sausage, but I never thought their sausage is considered sausage even though they named it as sausage. So even though I eat it regularly, this is my first time featuring it.

The sausage is featured in the Big Breakfast, Hotcakes with Sausage, Sausage McMuffin, and the Sausage McMuffin with Egg. I usually have the Big Breakfast when I have McDonald's breakfast, but occasionally when I'm cravvy for cheese, I'll go for the Sausage Egg McMuffin. Once in a while when I have cravings for pancakes, then it'd be the Hotcakes with Sausage. In a way, yes, I love McDonald's sausages even though I don't think it can really be called a sausage.

Anyway, I like to eat can already. haha~


Homersapien said...


That 'sausage' term is American. It is a bit different from our definition. There, sausage in this context is the sort of meat. So what is a sausage as we know it to them, you may ask... Well, hold on to your pants... They call it a hotdog. Yes, they call the weenie a hotdog. So what's a hotdog then (sausage in the hotdog bun)? It's a hotdog. So, a hotdog is a hotdog with or without the bun.

Go figure...

xxoos said...

i sure do know what's a sausage and a hotdog, look at my blog name, sausage.hotdog.bratwurst~

anyway, the reason why that mcdonald's sausage is called sausage is not because it's american or because it's some sort of meat, although it is a sort of meat. the reason why mcdonald's sausage is called a sausage because it is a sausage patty. a sausage patty is a patty of meat before it is encased in the sausage tube thingie which i call the sausage skin. perhaps if you look at these home made sausages in the links inside, there's a picture clearly showing sausage patties before they are tubed.

Homersapien said...

Hey, don't get me wrong, I know full well you know exactly what sausages and hotdogs are! No doubts there :P I love sausages too.

I was just sharing the idiosyncrasy that I saw in the US of A, in an obviously poor attempt at sarcasm. I know what you're saying about the McDonald's sausage, and you're right, of course. I wasn't terribly clear when I wrote what I did either. Haha. My bad. But yeah it's the meat/patties before the tubing.

But seriously, they call a sausage as we know it, a hotdog. And a hotdog, is also a hotdog. Bloody strange.

Didn't mean any harm :P Peace!

xxoos said...

well, actually, there is a difference between a continental sausage and an american hotdog. continental sausage, or a german bratwurst uses mainly minced meat and herbs as filling, while american hotdogs are processed meat.

it's like cheese, american cheese is basically processed cheese, nothing like the europeans... haha...

Homersapien said...

Oh yeah, quite a lot of difference. With the European sausages, they look and taste like they were 'made', whereas the American ones definitely have the 'processed' vibe to it. But hey, I like 'em all. There's much to be said for processed food. Haha!

I myself don't really like Bratwurst, but I have had some really good Polish sausage. And you can't beat a good Frankfurter, for me, anyway.

You like cheese? I generally don't, with the exception of Swiss, Mozzarella and cream cheese. I was tricked into eating blue cheese once. I reacted badly, and everyone was laughing... Including the waitress who had to fill up my glass with Coke so I could down it.

And my fave, walking into a building and saying "Who puked all over the place?!?" 'Lo and behold, it was not puke, but bread sticks laced with, you guessed it: parmesan! Butyric acid really takes the cake...

The Europeans let nature's little buggers process the cheese, eh? Ick :P