Sunday, November 18, 2007

Taiwan Shihlin Street Snacks

Taiwan Shihlin Street Snacks
Sausage Cheese Egg Crepe, $3.20 from the outlet at The Cathay.

I was feeling a bit mouth itchy, and I had time to waste while waiting for my friends to arrive. Sitting at the basement where all the food are, and remembering that I had this blog to maintain, I decided to grab a little bite at Shihlin. This little bite didn't come in cheap. The portion was a little small, but I needn't that much, just that the price tag was a bit unjustified.

My previous visits to Shihlin all ended up in disappointments because the food just too spicy. I even tried to had them go easy on the spice, but it was still too spicy. It's quite a pity because I thought that the food was good despite not being able to tahan the spice. Well, this crepe being a non-spicy item was something I pretty much enjoyed. Yes, it was good~

There were enough sausages and cheese, and the crepe was fragrant with the scent of fried eggs. The sauce added a bit flavour to the entire package. Just that there was some weird vegetables which I don't know what it is inside the crepe. The flavour was not overpowering but it did added crunch to the crepe. The only gripe, the corriander. I hate corrianders. Even by removing it from the crepe, that piece of crepe which housed the corriander still reeked of corriander taste.

In all, it's not bad. But I'll only get it again when I'm feeling a bit rich. haha~


zhengning said...

Hey there,
It's my first time to this blog and i'm gonna bookmark it! Haha, i see so many sausages post... reckon that you love to eat sausage yar?

Ilove those cocktail sausages! Haha, small and of cos, and taste the yummy out of a sausage.

Will be looking forward to more posts! :)

xxoos said...

thanks for your support!
yup, i'll be more motivated to eat more sausages~ haha...