Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Movies and Hotdogs at Cathay

cathay cineplex
Jumbo Hotdog Combo with coke from the Cathay cineplexes, $7. A Jumbo Hotdog alone costs $4.80.

Other than hotdogs, I love to watch movies. And one of the best part about going to watch a film, is to eat hotdogs. So much so that I plan my movie trips when I have cravings and where the hotdogs are good. I prefer the hotdogs from Cathay as compared to the other cinemas. Cathay's hotdogs have a smaller piece of bread, or a larger piece of hotdog whichever way you want to look at things. I don't like bread that much and I love my hotdogs, so this is the hotdog for me.

But what I like most is the melted cheese on top of the hotdog. Doesn't it look just so inviting? I was eating it and almost gagging as I watched the comedy Wo ist Fred.

I'll see when I trot down to other cinemas and do a corresponding review on the hotdogs there, but it won't be that soon. Exams are coming, and Joan is stuck at home studying and eating potato chips for breakfast lunch and dinner, so apologies ahead in the coming weeks when posts become rather scarce. Jiayou to all having exams!


zhengning said...

I hate exams cos yar, i will start to be so unhealthy eating all the unhealthy snacks haha.

All the best for your examinations!

xxoos said...

it must be the stress, haha...
yup, thanks!