Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hotbake Again

Remember the Hotbake Machine? I promised to review it again, when there's the Hotdog Melt featured. Presenting, Outback BBQ Hotdog Melt...

hotbake again
Outback BBQ Hotdog Melt, a sandwich consisting of hotdogs, cheese, BBQ sauce and pineapple bits, $2 only. The one at the right bottom is a Pepperoni Melt which also included a bit of hotdog slices, $2.50 if you buy it separately but $4 for both sandwiches.

There's a ton more hotdog slices in this sandwich as compared to the one I featured earlier, but I think there has been a slide in quality of sandwiches since last semester. The sandwiches now have lesser filling, and the fillings are concentrated too much in the centre. The sides are just plain bread, which gets a bit frustrating because I want to eat the sandwiches for the fillings and not for the bread.

On the whole, discounting the fact that there's too much bread, this is one yummy filling for a sandwich. The sauce is tangy enough and the meat is good, I mean, you can't go wrong with sausages, right? There's quite a lot of fillings in the centre of the sandwich, so with each bite, there's a meaty punch in there.

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