Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Food For Thought

food for thought
Big Breakfast ($10.90, no extra charges for taxes) from the All Day Breakfast menu from Food For Thought. Big Breakfast includes toast and butter, eggs, snail sausage and salad. My friends had the bratwurst and spicy sausage sandwich.

Food for Thought is this quaint little cafe somewhere near the National Library. I really like its ambience and the decor, and I thought that that mission is really cool. Do check out their website!

Foodwise, I like the concept of their sandwich sets, and the variety of sandwiches, and quality of it is really great. The sad thing is that other than sandwiches there's really nothing much left to choose. The soups they claimed are supposed to be very healthy, with no cream added to the mushroom soup, but somehow, maybe it's just me, I would prefer something unhealthy, something with cream. haha~ But I enjoyed the salad quite a good deal depsite me not being a salad person. The dressing was tasty and the vegetables were fresh.

More importantly is the sausage. I had the snail sausage with my breakfast set and my god was it good. There was the smokey taste of a smoked sausage, but it was nicely grilled that the insides were juicy. When the sausage was unravelled from its snail shape, it was really long. The breakfast set is very value for money as it is extremely filling. But the fillings might be due to the four pieces of toast which I thought was way way too much. Maybe two pieces would have been more than enough.

According to my friends, the sausage sandwich was just as good and get the set to share, it'll be much cheaper. I'd like to go back there and try the sandwiches the next time.


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