Saturday, November 10, 2007


Surprised to see the name of the famous Japanese buffet restaurant on a sausage blog like mine? Introducing the sausages of Ikoi...

Grilled Cocktail Bacon Rolls, included in the buffet spread. Total cost of buffet $35, but well, you get unlimited amounts of sashimi, grilled stuff, tempura, sushi, and lots more other Japanese food.

This cocktail rolls are one of the best I've had, it was grilled to perfection. The sausage oozed out nice yummy bacon fats juices but was also crisp and crunchy, mixed together sausage and bacon was heavenly. Even my friends loved it so much that we ordered many seconds of this. The only thing that I ordered more was the salmon sashimi. haha~

There's also the seafood roll, which is a crabstick wrapped with bacon. It's not as nice as the cocktail roll. I was popping the whole thing into my mouth to absord the most out of the bacon and the sausage. Other must try items from Ikoi would be the sashimi and the other grilled stuff, especially the grilled salmon.

For the $35 price tag, we ate till we were so stuff, and it was sure worth the price. Extremely value for money.


Julie said...

I'm amazed how popular this restaurant is.. =)

xxoos said...

haha, i'm not actually...
for the price and variety of food, and the quality, it sure attracts a strong following~