Monday, December 10, 2007

Coffee Club

coffee club
Bangers and Mash from Siglap's Coffee Club at $11.50 +10% service charge +7% GST. Includes three cuts of sausages, a chicken one, a cheese one, and a coarse cut banger, comes with a side of mash potatoes and half a grilled tomato.

This marked the first day of my vacation. I woke up late, took a sunny stroll down to lazy Siglap for a relaxed lunch, my absolute dream vacation. But of course, I'm still busy, I had to go down to school today to do some stuff, then I still have driving, then I still have other appointments. But well, that's not the topic for today.

I was a bit skeptical when I saw the menu, Bangers and Mash didn't sound that much delicious, and at a steal at $11.50, my expectations were low. But when the food came, oh wow~ The sausages were decent in size, looked nicely grilled, and the portion was just right. There were three sausages, a chicken one, which was more like a normal American hotdog, or a Wiener; a cheese one, which was really yummy and the cheese nice and oozey; and a coarse meat banger which was nice and meaty, but I ate that last and was feeling rather filled so I thought it was rather dry and too meaty because it was one fat sausage.

For the sides, the tomato was nicely grilled yet juicy. And the mash potato had chunks of potato inside, so there was a good bite of potatoey flavour. The mash sauce was also really good and went well with the mash and the sausages. For the price, it's value for money. But of course, these sausages mustn't be compared to the German restaurants of Brotzeit, Werner's, and Paulaner because these aren't self made sausages.

It's still great for a lazy late afternoon lunch though.

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