Friday, December 7, 2007

Breaded Hotdog

breaded hotdog
Breaded Hotdog from Cathay Cineplex AMK Hub, $4.90 (I think).

This is one of the nicest food to go with a movie because it's so yummy, so easy, so convenient. I first had it when I went to AMK Hub to watch a movie, then I tried to find it in other Cathay Cineplexes, but I hadn't seen it anywhere. I even tried to replicate it at home, to not quite satisfactory results. It was edible, just that the breadcrumbs part was a bit over so it was tough to chew. So it was to my delight that the next visit to AMK's Cathay I found this little bite again.

I'm not so sure if this item is exclusive to AMK, but with my exams finally over, I'm sure to check out more movies and eat more cinema snacks and find out if this is sold in other Cathays. Yup, now that I'm done with the exams, I'm back eating out. Soon I'll be able to clock in more sausagey entries.

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