Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Currywurst $15.50, Weisswurst $14.50, Nürnberger $14.50 and Würstelplatte $29.90 all from Brotzeit at Vivocity. Prices not inclusive of taxes.

Of course I didn't eat all of them, I only had the Nürnberger, and I had it with wedges and mashed potatoes. I like it when restaurants make it a point to allow you to swap stuff you don't eat with stuff of similiar value that you prefer. Yup, I had the Sauerkraut swapped to wedges. For all my love for Germany, I can never come to like Sauerkraut, to me, it's just the German version of kiam chye, and if I don't like kiam chye I shouldn't be liking it by any other name.

The Nürnberger is made of coarse pork, so there's the strong pork taste to go with the herbs within. It's not bad on its own, but I thought it tasted nicer dipped with mustard. I tried the other sauces provided, the white one was a bit garlicky when isn't my taste at all, and the brown one tasted something close to German curry. Mustard is still the best.

I was at Brozeit with a couple of my German classmates, as you can read from the second half of this entry, and funnily as we all hadn't consciously realised, we all had sausage dishes. While the girls went for individual sausages, the guys when for the platters for two. I was quite tempted to go along with the guys and have the platter, but finally decided against it because I weighed myself earlier in the day and the scales reminded me that I shouldn't. bah~

I applaud the flexibily and the kind understanding of Brotzeit. Not only I managed to change my Sauerkraut to wedges, my Muslim friend had his whole sausage platter changed to a no-pork one. And when served, the wait staff remembered that the Sauerkraut had lard in it and immediately before any reaction from my friend had the Sauerkraut changed to wedges. That they were so willing to compromise to religious dietary habits of the customers won me over. I think I might be going back Brotzeit another one fine day and get the sausage platter too, but exercise that flexibility. haha~

I had an Apfelschorle to go with my meal and my god, I haven't had Apfelschorle since I left the land of bratwurst, beer and football. I must return to Brotzeit in the very near future!

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