Saturday, December 15, 2007

Auntie Anne's

auntie anne
Pretzel Dog at $3.10 from Auntie Anne's Parkway Parade branch. A long string of pretzel, rather than rolled up into a pretzel shape is rolled and wrapped around a chicken hotdog.

I've only eaten Auntie Anne's pretzels a couple of times when I was in secondary school, had the pretzel dog another time, and this is the second time I'm eating the pretzel dog. It's just as how I remembered it. Salty pretzel, with juicy sausage within. It's denser than a normal hotdog bun, but the hotdog taste is stronger due to the high density, lower volume of the dough part.

I'm not a fan of pretzels, or American-styled pretzels. I'm more used to the German style Bretzel, which are fluffier, bigger, and more like bread. In fact, to me a Bretzel is something very Germanic. It's like all German bakeries use the Bretzel shape to indicate that they are a bakery. Werner's Oven and the Swiss Backerei both have the Bretzel as their logo. But even with the standard German bread, and the Germans being most famous for their sausages, couldn't come up with a pretzel dog.

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