Sunday, September 23, 2007

Werner's Oven

werners oven
Thürlingen Cheese Sausage set with sides of Mash Potato and Wedges, $18.50 + 7% GST, from Werner's Oven.

Werner's Oven is this quaint little family restaurant which serves an authentic German fare, and that includes great German sausages, at a very reasonable price with no 10% service charge even though their service is seamlessly perfect. At least I was able to change the Sauerkraut to Wedges which is now becoming a norm for me at German restaurants.

Jasmine called me up the other day arranging for a time to go pigging out on sausages. I didn't immediately recall that it was her birthday, but luckily I remembered it in time not to sia suay myself. I didn't get her anything, so the dinner was on me. We both got the same cheese sausage dish, and we both traded the veggies for more carbs. And boy were they good~

The sausage was grilled so the juice was retained within the sausage, and as you can see from the picture, the cheese was also ballooning inside the sausage. And with every slit down the sausage, oozes out the cheese. And the sausage was so long and filling. The sausage was good enough on its own that I had only minimal mustard, which was a good thing becuase the mustard provided isn't too much. Maybe it's because the sausage is too good for mustard hence they didn't want ti serve too much mustard. haha~ The mash potato was really smooth and creamy and tasted so great on its own. I think it's a German thing for mash to come without sauce and I think it's great cos sauce would cover up the delectful taste of the mash. The wedges were normal, nice and comforting.

werners cheese sausage
Here's to the birthday girl and our thick fat sausages.

I can't wait to go back to Werner's Oven for other stuff in the menu. There's quite a lot of cheap stuff like their chicken dishes which range below $10, and the pastas at about $12. The German fares range about $15-20, and considering that there's not 10% service charge, it's very value for money. They serve Paulaner's too, if that's another drawing point.

But what caught my eye was the bakery, okay, I know of the existence of their bakery, just that I just noticed a couple of really interesting stuff inside the bakery. Sausages! Their own sausages, going at 6 a pack for $21+, very value for money. And better still, I spotted Kaiser Rolls in their bakery! That's the best thing to go with yummy grilled sausages.

I need to head back to Werner's again soon.


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