Sunday, January 27, 2008

Meat Ship

From the creators of the Meat House, they've now contructed a Meat Ship.

Made from:
~20 sausages
~48 rashers of bacon
1.2kg of sausage meat
1kg of pork mince
10 franks
1kg of pastry (not 100% meat this time)
1 onion
1 mushroom
2 packets of chipolata sausages
various food colourings
It does seem like quite a mean feat.

The whole constructing process is documented in pictures at their photo gallery here. Honestly, it sure looks very tedious and meticulous. Wonder how long did it take them to make the entire ship, haha~

It was a pity the sail shrunk after roasting, perhaps the next time they could try using ham or some other flat type of meat product which won't shrivel up.

(hmm... I really should try making a little meat model myself, should I? haha~)


Julie said...

man...that looks like a scene straight out of diablo!

jan at homemade sausage said...

I love the meat ship. If only you could make it and then preserve it somehow.