Tuesday, January 22, 2008


stewhaus cheese sausage
Cheese Sausage with a side dish of mash potatoes and garden salad with a mustard decoration from Stewhaus at $9.50 + 10%.

Tucked at a little lane in Siglap, this eating establishment is quite a nice little cosy and homely restaurant. They do no charge GST but do charge the usual service charge, so it might be a little pull factor to some people. As the name suggests, the specialities are stews, and more central european type of food. I went for the German styled cheese sausage for the sake of this blog.

Sadly to say, my sausage wasn't as wonderful as I hoped for, but I don't know if that's my fault or not. I think I might have spent too much time taking these food pictures, and because I was sitting under the air conditioner, and also more so because I ate the mash first, when I ate the sausage, it ended up cold and the cheese was clumpy and not oozy.

Forest Mushroom Soup $4, Cheese Sausage $9.50, Hungarian Beef Goulash $16.40 (I think), and root beer which I can't remember the price.

The mushroom soup was really good, though it had a thick layer of olive oil (I think) on top of it, but it added a lot of flavour to the soup. The mushrooms were finely chopped and velvety but also had some slices for a decent bite. The second best mushroom soup I've had in recent months, second only to the Ritz-Carlton one which had truffle oil instead of olive oil, haha. And do try out the Goulash, all the stews came on a hotpot with a flame burning under, the flame is something large than your normal tea lights, so it's really hot.

Although the place was not packed, it must disclaim that we were there on a weekday night. Also, while we were there, quite a few people came by with take away orders, so I guess that place must be really popular among those living around the area. *cross fingers* that I get a bike real soon, then I'll be checking out more eateries around my backyard.


ice said...
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xxoos said...

hmm... why did you remove your comment?

Anonymous said...

hahaha. u really love yr sausage! lol! but this one a bit far for me, i lived in the west you see. lol

xxoos said...

i'm at the east, so i tend to feature quite a bit of eateries from the east side of the island, haha~

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