Thursday, January 10, 2008

House Made from Sausages

Meat House

A roast house, made entirely from meat. Doesn't this just looks so juicy and yummy?

The walls were made of sausages lined up and held in place by bamboo skewers, otherwise known as satay sticks. The roof was made from bacon, omg, I just love bacon, almost a tiny little bit more than I love sausages, either way I love both sausages and bacon. I so wish I roasted this house myself. haha~

Click on the link up there to look at the geniuses, or rather those guys who had too much time on their hands, and see how that house like thingie was made! They even made a lawn and a little sausage car parked on the lawn too~

PS: Link edited, do click on the edited link, it's the original one~

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