Monday, January 7, 2008

Joan Cooked Sausages 4

joan cooked sausages 4
Cheese sausage with extra slice of cheddar, asparagus, topped with mustard on a slice of bread.

I love sausages. But eating only sausages is not really that balanced a diet. I'm not really that anal on having a balanced diet, but recently I've been trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, hence I started pondering over what type of greens go well with sausages to make a hotdog a balance meal on its own.

I've tried the most common lettuce, and I thought it didn't go well with each other. Lettuce goes best with bacon, with all the oil and fats. I tried cucumbers, the second most common type of greens, but well, it felt too cool that it was just weird. I think cucumbers go best with cold cuts. I decided to experiment with asparagus because I know of dishes with asparagus and the light taste in asparagus can bring out stronger tastes of its mains, and the result was just marvelous. I've henceforth decided that the best pairing of sausages and greens is the greens of asparagus.

It's nice and crunchy, yet not overpowering even though there's a hint of vegetable taste. And the asparagus goes well with mustard, the choice topping of sausages. Mustard don't go well with the raw greens.

Okay, another thing I'd like to introduce today in this entry is the Fairprice cheese sausages. I don't like them. This sausage is more like cheese Taiwan Sausage rather than cheese sausage. I've had them before and always thought that there's this sweet taste of it that irks me. Yes, I have a strong dislike for Taiwan Sausages because I have strong dislike for sweet stuffs on supposedly savoury stuffs.

After checking the ingredients list, indeed sugar was listed as one of the ingredients, and it was listed before salt. Meaning, there's more sugar in that sausage than salt, which is what I prefer.


Anonymous said...

hello... does ur greens refer to ONE stalk of asparagus??.. dun see any balance at all joan.. zzz


xxoos said...

erm, one stalk is just a start mah, haha~ *sheepish* at least there is some green, i guess, better than nothing, lol~