Saturday, December 29, 2007

Western Food 85

western food 85
Grilled Bratwurst $5.50, Dutch Smoked Sausage $6.00, and other western food such as pork chops and pork knuckles at hawker centre prices, found at Blk 85 Fengshan Market, around Bedok North there, famously known as the Bak Chor Mee place. This stall Western Food 85 is at #01-257, it is also well known for its curry rice, on top of the western food.

My dad got this recommendation from his friend, who gave him the address and told him that the German pork knuckles sold there is cheap and good, and authentic. Hence we trotted down to see what more than Bak Chor Mee can Blk 85 offer us. And my god, was the pork knuckles really good considering it's price. But this is my sausage blog, so I'll be talking about the sausages instead.

The grilled bratwurst is not home made, so the standard is about average. What wow-ed me was the chargrill-ness it was, nicely done, not overburnt but having that charredness there. The fries and coleslaw are but normal. Overall, a normal dish at very low prices. Think for the price itself, it's well worth the trip down. The Dutch Smoked Sausage isn't quite Dutch, but is has a hammie smoked flavour which reminded me kind of like the ham in luncheon meat, not that it's a bad thing, really. What was missing was the mustard sauce, I need to have my own supply with me the next time I pop by there.

Still, I think the most should-order dish is the pork knuckles, it's really cheap there compared to other German restaurants. And it's nicely carved up for easy eating. And it's really well done.

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