Sunday, January 13, 2008


Surprised to see a Japanese restaurant here? Haha... They incidentally do feature a sausage in their menu, the German Suasage, grilled and served on on a hotplate with two potato wedges.

waraku's german sausage
Waraku's German Sausage.

It was actually supposed to be an ordinary meal, I thought, without any sausages, because it was a Japanese restaurant. But the moment I saw sausages on the menu, I sausage radar went *ding ding ding*, and I knew I just had to order this if not for the sake of this blog. The picture of the sausage did look appetising and didn't have the look of cheap sausages that I can get off NTUC or Cold Storage.

It came in a sizzling hotplate and looked very much like the one in the picture, which was wonderful. You can't see that properly, but the sausage is one long sausage curved around the perimeter of the hotplate, so it's really long. Although I usually dislike ketchup on sausages and I abhor already topped condiments (other than mustard), after eating this German Sausage, I knew why the Japanese never questioned their chefs, this wasn't just ketchup, but a house mixed sauce, and it was good. The sweet tangy taste and the charred porky taste went very well together with the little bit of savoury gravy at the bottom of the hotplate. Nice~

Our full meal, a pork katsu with rice and soba, miso ramen, chicken karaage, miso seafood udon, seafood udon, german sausage, cheese salmon, five little ice creams, macha ice cream.

Not surprisingly, the sides were much more interesting than the mains.


zhengning said...

Wow, the sausage really does looks good :D
Heh, the five little icecream too, very cute haha.

xxoos said...

the sausage was really comparable to those from western restaurants, which i think is really good since this is a japanese eating establishment.

yup, little ice creams are cute, and you can pop the whole thing in the mouth

feli said...

erm may i know is it waraku pasta or the normal waraku

xxoos said...

this is from the normal waraku, but there's also another sausage dish, a sausage set thingie, at the waraku de pasta.