Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Cheese Hotdog from 1901, set comes with mash potatoes (which sucks) and a drink, costs $4something, I can't remember. I bought this at the Suntec branch.

I've tried them once before, and thought it was quite a decent bite, more like a quick snack. It's normal, plain, quick, decent, no complains there. But it's also because there's nothing exceptional about it, or special, or different, there's also nothing to shout about.

I had the cheese hotdog this time round and it's a tad bit better than the plain chicken sausage. The cheese is oozy and abundant as you can see in the lower right corner. One thing interesting about this stall is that it has common condiments for you to squeeze yourself, but the condiments aren't in bottles. There's this udder like structure with tubes (udders) for you to squeeze out the condiment you want, and your preferred amount of it. It's like squeezing udder, or phallus, or erm, erm... ya...

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