Tuesday, September 18, 2007

NUS Arts Forum Bazaar Sausage Stall

bazaar sausage stall
Cheese sausage and black pepper sausage from the sausage stall at NUS Arts Forum. 1 for $1.50 2 for $2.50. I spied on their supplier and it says Master Butchery.

I think NUS students are being ripped off because I saw the same supplier at Clementi pasar malam two weeks ago and the sausages are $1 each. grr... But I'm still addicted to these sausages as they provide a yummy bite during boring lectures.

The black pepper sausages are very black peppery, which didn't go too well with me because it made my throat and nose feel warm and itchy. But the cheese ones are my favourites. There's a generous amount of cheese inside which oozes out with every bite. That's what makes a cheese sausage good. But the signature items from the stall are the prata wrapped sausages which I didn't try, maybe we can leave that for another time. haha~

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