Thursday, September 27, 2007

Aston's Specialities

astons specialities
Chicken and Sausage Combo Set with sides of mash potato and corn on the cob, at $10.50, from Aston's Specialities.

Hearing so much about Aston's and how value for money it is, I decided one day to join the snaking queue and have an early dinner on a weekend evening. Service was prompt, food ran out quickly, I wanted wedges but there weren't any left, no garlic bread either, but the rest of our food was decent. I had this chicken and sausage combo and shared a mushroom soup. For the chicken, I had it char-grilled. It was nice, but my only gripe is the generic gravy liberally drenched over both the chicken and the mash potato. I've something against generic sauces, I think it's because I haven't came across any really tasty generic sauce.

Anyway, this is a sausage blog, and the highlight of the day is the sausages. The sausages were surprising good. I wasn't expecting much since there weren't many sausage dishes from the menu, and when the food arrived, the little sausages looked pretty sad to me. For a moment I thought they came out from a can. But biting into one really packed a punch. They were really good. I can't tell if they used pork or chicken but my hunch is that it's pork, more precisely, smoked ham and/or bacon to give that rich and smokey flavour.

I also really liked the sausages that they were nicely charred on the skin. And at that price, it was really one good eat.

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