Friday, September 28, 2007

Hotdog USB Thumbdrive

hotdog thumbdrive
My parents are going to Tokyo on Monday, and this is what I told my dad to get me from Akihabara. A hotdog USB thumbdrive, 1 GB big somemore.

Other than the hotdog one, there's cheeseburgers, pizzas, and sandwiches, the junk food series. You know the Japanese, they have the sushi and bento stuff, and now they want to enter the American market. But I'm not complaining though.

Other than getting this, I've asked my dad to help me find some miniature items from Japan, like plastic food. haha~ So hopefully they have junk food too among others sushi and stuff, hopefully he can get me some more hotdog stuff. grr... Why am I not the one going to Japan? And worse, I've a deadline on the day they are flying off. Poor me...


dreams said...

hi ger! may i know where in japan can i get those sushi or junk food thumbdrive? any idea how much are those? thx!

xxoos said...

you can try akihabara, but those stuff aren't cheap. follow the link there, you can buy them online at a lower cost too.