Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cold Storage Deli Counter

cold storage first choice
Bacon stick and Bratwurst sausage (sic) each $1.50 from Cold Storage Deli Counter, I was at the Parkway Branch, newly renovated.

Bratwurst means roasted sausage with brat-roast and wurst-sausage, so the name bratwurst sausage is repetitive, but that was how Cold Storage named it. I chose that because I was thinking of having something porky, if not I'd have gone for the Jumbo chicken sausage which I usually have. Without mustard, the porky and herbie taste was a tad too strong to the extent of a bit over, but I prefer the sausage skin of the bratwurst one to that of the chicken one, the skin of the chicken one is a bit too chewy.

Bacon sticks are one of my favourite kind of sausage to be eaten without mustard because I love bacon. Bacon is God's gift to his people. Look at the layers of roasted fat wrapped around the juicy sausage adding to the yummy factor. ooh... I took a bit in the picture to show the innards of the sausage, it's plain, no herbs, just the meat, but usually I'd just pop the whole little segment of sausage into my mouth.

Cheap and affordable great tasting sausages, comes with a microwavable bag for easy re-heating if you buy and bring back home to eat later.

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