Friday, September 7, 2007

Beehoon for Breakfast

breakfast beehoon tapao
Beehoon with three chicken franks and an egg, the parents tapao-ed it back for me for breakfast, so price is unknown. Heck, I don't even know where they bought it from, but I'm sure you can get this at every hawker centre.

Some people eat to live, I live to eat, and I eat to indulge. This is the most classic example of me indulging in food I like. It doesn't have to be something eapensive, neither do I need to eat a great variety of food, I just like to eat a lot of the little circle of stuff I like. I was talking to a friend, and we concluded that this is the most classic example of me living in comforts, a very cosmopolitan way of life. Indulge in obsessions. haha~

The beehoon was stringy and not bad, the dry kind which I prefer, I don't like wet kinds of beehoon. The sausages were the normal chicken franks you get by the bulk for very cheap prices, but they were enough to feed my indulgences. Three was quite okay, though I think next time I'll ask for four instead, and just forget about the egg. haha~

I remember I used to buy those chicken franks from the Chinese snack stalls back in JC and the first few years of Uni. I'd get like two to four of them twice every day and eat during class. People are always amazed by the amount of sausages I can consume. erm... Not very glam, but I'm happy with my food can already~ It's cheap also, so I can eat loads more without damaging the purse.

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