Sunday, August 19, 2007

NUS Bizad Canteen Western Stall

bizad canteen western stall
Cheese sausage from the Western stall at Bizad canteen in NUS, served here with honey roasted leg and pasta. $4.90, but the cheese sausage is only $1.90.

I start of my sausage blog with my very favourite sausages in Singapore, the ones at Bizad canteen. It's a shame that the best sausages in Singapore has to be found in a school canteen, but I'm glad that it is so because it means that the best sausages in Singapore are also the cheapest ones around.

What's so great about this sausage is that it is really long, long enough to make you feel good about eating it, but not too long to make you want to puke cheese after that. It's also fat, that makes it filled with enough pork and cheese, and this cheese sausage has one of the highest cheese content in sausages I've ever eaten. Best eaten as it is on its own, and eat it fresh off the grill!

I had it with the roasted leg which was decent with a strong aroma of herbs, and the generic pasta which the stall owner loves to douse it with a generous serving of the black pepper sauce which is not really that savoury.

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