Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Sausage Blog

Hi all, this is the starting of my new blog. In this blog, I'll be more focused and will only talk about sausages, or anything that's stuffed into a tube and can be consumed that some people call sausages, some hotdogs, some bratwurst, or whatever. I'll write less and post more pictures, really nice looking pictures of the sausages and be less rambly.

The reason why I'm setting up this specialised blog is because I'm seeing more and more themed flogs, food blogs, popping up and around, and food is one of my biggest loves, and out of all the food, I really can survive on sausages alone for the rest of my life, even though I don't wish that would happen. Hence I decided to do up this blog and join the flogging community as a full fledged flogger.

I'll make use of this opportunity and source out all the sausages in the little island of Singapura, and I'll eat them all up. Of course, not before I take pictures of them in various angles, note down all the details about them, and post them up on this blog to highlight my little feat. This gives me a really good excuse to eat more sausages and make it part of a regular diet.

Watch this space!

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