Monday, August 20, 2007

GoGo Franks

gogo franks
Cheese Balls from GoGo Franks at 5 for $2, 10 for $3.80, I've got the 10 pieces one here. This was bought from the AMK Hub branch, but there are many other branches littered around Singapore.

GoGo goes back a long way with me, I remember some years back when good quality sausages sold in sausage stands were still a novelty in Singapore. Other than the one at Chinatown, GoGo came into the picture with a stall at Takashimaya's Food Square. It was relatively affordable for good sausages, and the sausages were better than those in the market. However, as GoGo expanded with many other branches sprouting about Singapore, and with the introduction of other better and yummier sausage stands, it's sad to say GoGo is no longer one of my favoured sausage stands around.

But I still enjoy their cheese balls because they're cheap and bite sized and I can just pop them into my mouth for a quick snack. Unlike the other sausages which are grilled, the cheese balls are boiled, so it's somewhat less oily.

I usually pop the whole ball into my mouth, but for the sake of this blog, I bit the ball into half to showcase in insides of the ball and the supposed cheese oozing from within. Yup, there isn't much cheese, but you can still taste it if you pop the whole piece in your mouth and chew slowly.


crazyyuan said...

hey gal, keep the sausages coming.. did u try out the huge one at botak jones? Go there some day, you may just fall in love with it!


xxoos said...

i tried that before, but that was before i set up this blog, but i'll return to botak jones again some day to have it again~ yup, it's good, fat and huge and cheap... lol~