Saturday, August 25, 2007

Vivocity Food Republic Pick n Grill

vivocity food republic pick n grill
German Sausage Set from Pick n Grill at Vivocity Food Republic, served here with fries, an egg, beans and salad, at $7.80.

This is the first time I ate this sausage set, but the second time I ate at that stall. The food is freshly cooked, so it has a certain standard, but as it's also a little stall in a larger context, and its specialities are, wait, what are its specialities? Anyway, it's a decent eat, but nothing to wow over me.

There are two types of sausages, one was pork the other was chicken, so there's a variety, not too bad. But having been to the land of sausages and beer, I'm not too convinced that this can be passed of as authentic German sausages. The only redeeming point about the sausages is that like those from Germany, they're high in the herb content, and this set of sausages did have quite aromatic herbs in them. The fries were great, which is quite a surprise. The egg was pretty nice, I like eggs too. I watched the cook cook the egg, he let the egg slowly cook so that it's not too runny and it's just nice. And as usual, I left the salad untouch, though I did try to eat a couple of cold beans.

I usually prefer pork sausages to chicken ones as it's clear from my tagline that real sausages are made of pork, but in this case, I prefer the chicken sausages to the pork ones. The first bite into the pork sausage, the meat was very fatty, but there was a strong taste of herbs. I tried the second bite with tartar sauce, bingo. Luckily I loitered around the stall for a while, and when the cook saw me rather reluctant to leave, he offered me some tartar sauce. I was actually looking for salt, but tartar was just the thing I needed in retrospect. The chicken was just as herbie as the pork sausage, but the meat was leaner and thus tastier than the pork one. I tried the chicken one both with and without the tartar sauce, but concluded that without tasted better.

There's another jumbo sausage set with mash potato offered, but I think I'll leave that for another day to try, yup, I'll return to this stall another time.

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