Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dong Dae Mun

dong dae mun
Par Jon Sausage Roll $2.50 and Korean Jumbo BBQ Sausage $2.40 from Dong Dae Mun, this was the Vivocity branch.

I've been in love with Dong Dae Mun ever since I first ate their jumbo sausage. I even did a blow by blow food review in my main blog to spread my love for Dong Dae Mun. Now that I've a specialised sausage blog, I need to feature Dong Dae Mun some time or another. And of course, I had to eat the jumbo sausage again. Yes, it's an excuse for me to eat more. But this time, I decided to be adventurous and try out something new too, the Par Jon Sausage Roll was it.

The sausage roll was an onion pancake wrapped around a sausage. It tasted like onion, cabbage and pancake with a tinge of sausage flavour even though there is quite a significant piece of sausage. erm... I hate onions. Okay, maybe it's just me, the sausage roll was a big no no to me. I didn't even finish it, I ate about 1/5 of it, then passed to my friend, then ate another two more mouths of it, and we still didn't finish it, but I picked out the sausage to bite on so as not to waste, but I did throw the rest of the pancake away.

The jumbo sausage on the other hand is a big yay! Fat, juicy, herbie, yummy.

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