Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Joan Cooked Sausages 1

I'm titling this post as Joan Cooked Sausages 1 because I hope that there would be Joan Cooked Sausages 2, 3, 4 and many many more in the future. haha~

joan cooked sausages 1

How to make a nice homely dinner of pork and sausages, just follow the easy cooking of Joan!

Step 1: Buy the sausages.
I like them thick and fat and made of pork, but you might have other preference. But seriously, can you imagine a sausage that's short and thin? That would be so no fun, isn't it?

Step 2: Slice up the sausages.
Depending if you like circular or slanted, just slice them whatever way you like them to be. Thickness also depending on your preference, mine was about 3/4 a centimetre sliced slanted.

Step 3: Marinade with secret recipe.
The reddish thingie and black specked thingie are not blood and gore, but a secret recipe marinade I used to flavour my sausages. erm... I can't tell you what it is but you can come up with your own secret recipe too!

Step 4: Fry them golden brown.
Just agarate, fry them till they look cooked. Depending on how hot your oil and how well a cook you are, the time taken for the sausages may vary. I didn't know how long I took, and since I'm not a good cook, then well, cook longer lor. Overcooking better than undercooking.

Step 5: Blot out the excess oil.
erm... This is an additional step so that this recipe can get the healthier choice triangle logo thingie. erm... If you like oil, or you are less conscious of your health, then this is optional la.

Step 6: Serve with other sides.
I've named this dish Maxipork, so I served the sausages with baked pork loins and tomatoes, bacon and eggs salad and macaroni and cheese. tadah~ All home cooked and easy preparation yummy porky goodness!


cindyrella said...

looks great! wah.. can cook for me some day? :P

xxoos said...

sure! i've been wanting to hold a little tea party session but somehow plans keep falling through leh...