Saturday, February 23, 2008

Joan Cooked Sausages 5

joan cooked sausages 5
Kelly's Chicken Vienna Gold with Gardenia's Hotdog Buns, one topped with cheddar, the other topped with yellow mustard.

Life's simplest pleasures, tucking into a nice warm hotdog and sitting in front of the telly and just waste time. I seem to have visited almost all notable hotdog joints in Singapore, and I'm thinking if I should go into trying out all the different brands of frozen and chilled sausages that are on sale in the supermarket, then perhaps come to a conclusion which brand of sausages is the best. haha~

Anyway, the highlight today isn't sausages, which is quite a surprise. Today I'd like to introduce my beloved cake knife!

I had a normal knife and my cake knife cut each of my hotdog buns, and look at the vast different in the texture of the cut.
my cake knife
The one with the normal kitchen knife has a very coarse texture at the cut lines, as shown in the top left hand picture, which the cake knife sliced the bread so smoothly seen in the top right hand corner. Yup, that's my cake knife there~

Erm, even though the cake knife does very beautiful cutting, I seldom use it. I seldom have the chance to cut breads and cakes, and most of the times cutting cakes we use the plastice free knifes rather than my more professional cake knife, I don't know why. Perhaps maybe probably is because the plastic knife can be thrown away after using and need not undergo the tedious process of washing. haha~

Oh, and I'll be heading to Sarawak tomorrow so I won't be blogging next week, but I don't think I'll be missed since my blogging pace and slowed down a great deal. If you want to look at more food and/or you miss me too much, here's my food post on my CNY dinners, V Day dinner, meals in Malacca. It's a very long post with lots of pictures. Have fun~


Ernest said...

hey keep up the good work with the blog! press on with your passion for sausages! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow....really happening to see such a fan of sausages blogging so intensively....


Jack said...

Hullo there,
I am new to blogging - also a big fan of the sausage - in fact my blog is devoted to finding sausage recipes from all around the world. Would you like to contribute a recipe?

Irish said...

Great blog... I make all my own sausage. It's nice to see another fan!!