Saturday, February 2, 2008

Home Made Sausages

I really wish I did this myself, but no such luck, here's another link off the internet. I've been so busy to find the time to edit my pictures, so more on the sausages I've eaten in a but.

Home Made Sausages
Follow the step by step proceedings on how to make sausages at home, from the grinding of meat to the stuffing of minced meat into the sausage skin. It's even possible to add in whatever additional flavourings such as cheese and apple.

And after that just grill them and eat them, I'm sure it would taste really good, after all that tough work!


marksfoodstuff said...

wait wait... how do you add the skins at home?

Making Sausages said...

I have written a free step-by-step guide to making sausages. You can get it here: