Monday, February 4, 2008

Hip Diner USA

This is a new joint from the people of Billy Bombers. With their revamped menu, I decided to try it out, especially the new sausages that they were touting.

hip diner usa
Snail Chicken and Cheese, $12.90 from Hip Diner USA Bugis Junction branch. It comes with a snail sausage, a cheese sausage served on a hotplate with mash potatoes and corn on a cob.

There's the top view picture and the side view picture. Honestly, if you see them separately, which would you choose to order? haha... The nice manipulations of camera angles.

hip diner usa snail chicken and cheese
The sausages were nice yummy American styled sausaged despite them using the term 'wurst' in their menu. The cheese sausage was fat, juicy and cheesy but a tad short. The snail sausage was unfortunately rather spicy which I didn't realise until I cut to see the insides. There you can see the specks of chilli, or spices, or whatever you call them.

For the price, it was pretty good and filling. And were were given vouchers to use for our next visit. But I don't think I'll be having sausages again the next time round. haha

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Discover Unearthed said...

Filling?? It looks bursting! Only in a US diner!

Nominations being collated for the world's best sausages at - and no representations from the US as yet. Who better to ask than a bonafide sausage guru!!