Thursday, March 6, 2008

Food Fight

I decided to repost this from my main blog.

Food Fight

If you don't understand it, check out the cheat sheet for the various food characters over here! Also check out the main page over here. I think this guy is really amazing.

There are still sausages in there, though just a bit part. Most of it is McDonald's. hahaha~

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Joan Cooked Sausages 5

joan cooked sausages 5
Kelly's Chicken Vienna Gold with Gardenia's Hotdog Buns, one topped with cheddar, the other topped with yellow mustard.

Life's simplest pleasures, tucking into a nice warm hotdog and sitting in front of the telly and just waste time. I seem to have visited almost all notable hotdog joints in Singapore, and I'm thinking if I should go into trying out all the different brands of frozen and chilled sausages that are on sale in the supermarket, then perhaps come to a conclusion which brand of sausages is the best. haha~

Anyway, the highlight today isn't sausages, which is quite a surprise. Today I'd like to introduce my beloved cake knife!

I had a normal knife and my cake knife cut each of my hotdog buns, and look at the vast different in the texture of the cut.
my cake knife
The one with the normal kitchen knife has a very coarse texture at the cut lines, as shown in the top left hand picture, which the cake knife sliced the bread so smoothly seen in the top right hand corner. Yup, that's my cake knife there~

Erm, even though the cake knife does very beautiful cutting, I seldom use it. I seldom have the chance to cut breads and cakes, and most of the times cutting cakes we use the plastice free knifes rather than my more professional cake knife, I don't know why. Perhaps maybe probably is because the plastic knife can be thrown away after using and need not undergo the tedious process of washing. haha~

Oh, and I'll be heading to Sarawak tomorrow so I won't be blogging next week, but I don't think I'll be missed since my blogging pace and slowed down a great deal. If you want to look at more food and/or you miss me too much, here's my food post on my CNY dinners, V Day dinner, meals in Malacca. It's a very long post with lots of pictures. Have fun~

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Blog Filler

I know I'm not blogging frequently enough, I've two sets of pictures in my Flickr waiting for me to blog about but I haven't the time to do so. sucks... This semester's worse than I thought.

From Kawaii Not, a little laugh I really like, and it also has a hot dog joke there.

Hope this blog filler can last me until I've the time to blog more. Two presentations in a week, one field trip to Malacca, it has been really a buzz for me. Until I get back from Malacca, see ya then~

Monday, February 4, 2008

Hip Diner USA

This is a new joint from the people of Billy Bombers. With their revamped menu, I decided to try it out, especially the new sausages that they were touting.

hip diner usa
Snail Chicken and Cheese, $12.90 from Hip Diner USA Bugis Junction branch. It comes with a snail sausage, a cheese sausage served on a hotplate with mash potatoes and corn on a cob.

There's the top view picture and the side view picture. Honestly, if you see them separately, which would you choose to order? haha... The nice manipulations of camera angles.

hip diner usa snail chicken and cheese
The sausages were nice yummy American styled sausaged despite them using the term 'wurst' in their menu. The cheese sausage was fat, juicy and cheesy but a tad short. The snail sausage was unfortunately rather spicy which I didn't realise until I cut to see the insides. There you can see the specks of chilli, or spices, or whatever you call them.

For the price, it was pretty good and filling. And were were given vouchers to use for our next visit. But I don't think I'll be having sausages again the next time round. haha

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Home Made Sausages

I really wish I did this myself, but no such luck, here's another link off the internet. I've been so busy to find the time to edit my pictures, so more on the sausages I've eaten in a but.

Home Made Sausages
Follow the step by step proceedings on how to make sausages at home, from the grinding of meat to the stuffing of minced meat into the sausage skin. It's even possible to add in whatever additional flavourings such as cheese and apple.

And after that just grill them and eat them, I'm sure it would taste really good, after all that tough work!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Meat Ship

From the creators of the Meat House, they've now contructed a Meat Ship.

Made from:
~20 sausages
~48 rashers of bacon
1.2kg of sausage meat
1kg of pork mince
10 franks
1kg of pastry (not 100% meat this time)
1 onion
1 mushroom
2 packets of chipolata sausages
various food colourings
It does seem like quite a mean feat.

The whole constructing process is documented in pictures at their photo gallery here. Honestly, it sure looks very tedious and meticulous. Wonder how long did it take them to make the entire ship, haha~

It was a pity the sail shrunk after roasting, perhaps the next time they could try using ham or some other flat type of meat product which won't shrivel up.

(hmm... I really should try making a little meat model myself, should I? haha~)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


stewhaus cheese sausage
Cheese Sausage with a side dish of mash potatoes and garden salad with a mustard decoration from Stewhaus at $9.50 + 10%.

Tucked at a little lane in Siglap, this eating establishment is quite a nice little cosy and homely restaurant. They do no charge GST but do charge the usual service charge, so it might be a little pull factor to some people. As the name suggests, the specialities are stews, and more central european type of food. I went for the German styled cheese sausage for the sake of this blog.

Sadly to say, my sausage wasn't as wonderful as I hoped for, but I don't know if that's my fault or not. I think I might have spent too much time taking these food pictures, and because I was sitting under the air conditioner, and also more so because I ate the mash first, when I ate the sausage, it ended up cold and the cheese was clumpy and not oozy.

Forest Mushroom Soup $4, Cheese Sausage $9.50, Hungarian Beef Goulash $16.40 (I think), and root beer which I can't remember the price.

The mushroom soup was really good, though it had a thick layer of olive oil (I think) on top of it, but it added a lot of flavour to the soup. The mushrooms were finely chopped and velvety but also had some slices for a decent bite. The second best mushroom soup I've had in recent months, second only to the Ritz-Carlton one which had truffle oil instead of olive oil, haha. And do try out the Goulash, all the stews came on a hotpot with a flame burning under, the flame is something large than your normal tea lights, so it's really hot.

Although the place was not packed, it must disclaim that we were there on a weekday night. Also, while we were there, quite a few people came by with take away orders, so I guess that place must be really popular among those living around the area. *cross fingers* that I get a bike real soon, then I'll be checking out more eateries around my backyard.